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They brought knives to a pen fight - Who killed Yaamyn?


Last time I wrote here was in January 2015 when we lost Ibthihal. Today, two years later, the case remains open. In August 2014, Rilwan was abducted and taken away. Today, over 1000 days later, we remain helpless. In October 2012, Dr. Afrashim was brutally murdered at the stairs of his home. Today, almost five years later, only but a scapegoat has been put on death row. 
Cover up or an inside job? Incompetence, ignorance or neglect?  How long would hate mongers and murderers roam free in this county? Will justice ever be served? --
Countless times he reported to the Police of death threats he received. Either they took it lightly or they deliberately ignored it. As I write this post authorities are yet to provide answers;
“What action was taken to prevent the murder of Yaamyn from taking place on 23rd April 2017?” “Who made those threats against Yaamyn?” “If there was no proper investigation into the death threats, was this not but negligence?” “Who killed Yaamyn?”
Yameen Rasheed (@yaam…
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Dear Ibthihaal - I am sorry.

Dear Ibthihaal
I never had the opportunity to visit Rakeedhoo. I didn’t get to meet you. I didn’t get to know you. I didn’t know what you had to go through everyday in your life. I am sorry I was not there for you. I truly am sorry.
Ibthihaal, today I know about you. I know a little bit about you. Your country is talking about you. They talk of what happened to you. They talk of ways to blame each other on how you had to leave us. They seem to know everything about you.
You have left us, but you have left us all with a message, a message to always remember and reflect. You have reminded us of our failed systems and the amount of our ignorance, and you have also reminded us our responsibility, the individual responsibility and duty being human. You have reminded us of all those children being wronged and abused in the communities we live in.
I hear you now. Sorry I wasn’t able to hear you before. I promise I will not stay quite and watch anyone being wronged or abused! I will not let any…

Dr. Fathin Hameed - your faith will always be your strength

"Nights are toughest, when the rest of the world is slumbering and resting. That's when cancer mounts its strongest attack on my mind. It tries to creep in with its doubts. That its already winning, that my treatment is not working. That's when it exerts maximum pain. That when it keeps telling me that there is no hope, that I might as well give up now. I will not, Insha Allaah. My treatment is not by doctors, it is by my Lord, Creator and Cherishor of the Worlds. My Lord cannot be defeated, nor I, as long as I hold fast to Him. Cancer does not know this." ~ Dr. Fathin Hameed wrote on her last blog post.
You are with Allah now, your faith will always be your strength in the hereafter. My respect to you!

#PhotoOfTheDay 11/01/14: No to Shark Products

Among the many tourist shops in Male’, Shark products like these are very common. The shop keepers say they are brought in from Lanka and not Maldivian. What is evident is that the pieces are fresh as if it was just killed and cleaned.

The Shark is a protected species in the Maldives, its fisheries is banned! Fisheries has a ban; yes! But import of Shark products like these shark teeth are not! Killing sharks in our waters are wrong but its “OK” to sell products made from sharks killed elsewhere? Becoming conscious and say no to Shark Products.

“It takes decades and decades for the shark population to recover, but it doesn’t take long to wipe out.” ~ Guy Stevens, Marine Biologist

This photo was taken for ECOCARE Maldives at Male’, Maldives
Photography and caption by ©Maeed (all rights reserved)

#PhotoOfTheDay 10/01/14: "I am smart!"

I was walking around with my camera in Rasmaadho when I came across this boy and asked if I could take a picture of him, I told him to give me a good pose. He replies back to me “I can give you my ‘I am smart’ look”.

Growing up in an Island community in Maldives or coming from “Raaje Therey” (from the islands), does not make a kid less smarter nor stupid. Sometime we often make the mistake to restrict ourselves to that single story, where kids growing up in the Islands are poor, uneducated and stupid. Well its confident kids just like this smart boy that reminds me the that we are all but Maldivians and its these smart Maldivian kids who will grow up to become tomorrows smart leaders, no matter which part they come from.

Photo taken at Rasmaadhoo, Raa. Atoll, Maldives
Photography and caption by ©Maeed (all rights reserved)

#PhotoOfTheDay 09/01/14: The Sand Drive

Walking on a Maldivian beach, this is the last thing one might expect to see. A "Sand drive"? Strange may it seem but solid waste management needs a serious thought in many island communities in the country.

For decades Maldivians disposed waste on the beaches (the extent that the word Godu'dhoh - beach comes from Godhu - dump yard), it was a common practice back then, well in their case waste were limited to domestic waste. Our ancestors must be amused to learn about the electronic waste that seem to be somehow popping out from the Maldivian beaches today.

Though awareness may have reached its heights, waste management can only be practical with necessary institutions in place, with more focus on a regional scale.

Photo taken at Raa. Rasmaadhoo, Maldives
Photography and caption by ©Maeed (all rights reserved)

#PhotoOfTheDay 08/01/14: Shy little Ms. Lady in Red

I came across this little Ms Lady in Red while in Raa Atoll, Maldives. Shy and innocent she stares at my camera, never hid herself completely, observed everything I was doing, clearly not scared but wanted to make sure what the stranger was doing around her neighborhood.
Girls in Maldives grow in an independent environment today, mostly empowered and taught to be self relied as they grow up to be leading women in society. Most have the opportunity for higher education irrelevant to the their social upbringing. Today there is still hope in the country for little girls like Ms. Lady in Red. I hope it remains the same, and girls/women be empowered through out the Maldives, always.
Photo taken at Raa Atoll, Maldives
Photography by ©Maeed (all rights reserved)

#PhotoOfTheDay 06/01/14: The Dragonfly

These insects have an amazing story, you don't really find them throughout the year in the Maldives, but you will see them seasonally. The Dragonflies are said to be the longest Migrating insects, every year millions of dragonflies fly across the open ocean from Southern India to Africa. One of their stops of course the Maldives.

Photo taken at Laamu Atoll - Maldives
Photo by ©Maeed (2013)

Same photo on
YourShot National Geographic

InPhotos: Laamu Fonadhoo, Maldives

Here are some shots from Laamu Fonadhoo I took earlier this year. I was there to conduct a workshop for ECOCARE Maldives.

All photos by Maeed M. Zahir (All rights reserved)

Some photos from Kodak DCS Pro SLR/n (2009)

I was going through my old hard drive and found some of these shots. Took them using my dads old Kodak DCS Pro SLR/n. This was somewhere in 2009 I guess. Male', Maldives.

All photos by Maeed.
Cheers :D

URLmetrics ranked me 4,337,189 in the United States

I had to google up my blog - "Maeed's Blog", to show it to a friend who was telling me that the blog did not appear on the google search results, now of course it wouldn't in his case cause Maeed is not spelled MAID! But here is something interesting I came across in the results: 
Its a website that measures & ranks websites in the United States. Now my blog is run on Blogger which is a free weblog publishing tool by Google, thus the server is located at Google Inc., California, United States. 
According to the statistical analysis that is made from this website, my blog seems to be ranked 4,337,189 in the United States. Yes that isFour million three hundred thirty-seven thousand one hundred eighty-ninth rank in the US. 
It also gives an estimate worth of the blog. So check your own rankings and how much your blog is worth at URLmetrics.

Nelson Mandela 1918 -2013

“Our human compassion binds us the one to the other – not in pity or patronizingly, but as human beings who have learnt how to turn our common suffering into hope for the future.” - Nelson Mandela 1918 -2013

Salutes to Former President Mohamed Nasheed

Former President Mohamed Nasheed showed exemplary courage and professionalism earlier today,  showing up at the Presidential Inauguration ceremony. Yet again teaching Maldivians the values of true democracy. Something Former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom restrained from in 2008. Gayoom and Nasheed were seen sitting together at the ceremony where President Abdullah Yameen was sworn in to office, giving hope to a divided Maldives. 
Nasheed who introduced and advocated democratic principles against a 30 year old authoritarian Gayoom regime through Maldivian Democratic Party continues showing examples and keeps on surprising Maldives even today.
President Yameen, half brother of Gayoom won the elections defeating the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) candidate former President Mohamed Nasheed with the help of a ‘Gulhigen’ (together) coalition that consisted of all major political players and parties in the country by his side. Among the members of the this supper coalition include major…

Abdullah Yameen Abdul Gayoom takes oath as new President

After almost two years of chaos and struggle in the country a new President was elected yesterday and has today been sworn in to office. His Excellency President Abdullah Yameen, the 6th President of the country, won 51% of ballots bringing an end to the speculated presidency of Dr. Mohamed Waheed Hassan, who came to power after an allege coup bringing down the first democratically elected President Mohmaed Nasheed. 
Yameen backed by a united supper coalition won the campaign, themed on the grounds of protecting the Maldivian Islamic and National Identity; basis being that Nasheed and MDP will bring in western concepts threatening long standing faith of Maldives, loosing its Islamic identity. With the last minute 'King maker" Qasim Ibrahim entrance into coalition Yameen secured the necessary votes wining by some 6000 votes to Nasheed. 
The Oath taking ceremony took place in Dharubaaruge (the state convention center) earlier today at around 14.00hrs. Among the attendees incl…

Maldives decides Gayoom's younger brother Yameen as the New President

Congratulations to the President Elect Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom.

Gayoom vs Naseed 2008, all over again in Maldives, with all odds in favor of Gayoom younger brother, Maldivian Elections 2013 conclude with Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM) candidate Abdullah Yameen Abdul Gayoom charming polls.

Backed by potential political entities; Qasim Ibrahims’s Jumhooree Party and the Islamic conservative Adaalath Party, and other minority political parties, Yameen secured majority of the total votes meeting victory requirement of over 50% + 1 vote, defeating Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) candidate, the Indian Ocean Island President Mohamed Nasheed by over 51% of votes.

Though proving to be a difficult election, with unwanted intervention of biased judicial authorities and imprudent political actors, as promised Elections Commissions has indeed successfully paved way for an independent, free and fair elections. Voter turnout higher than ever before, with over 214000 voter turnout, p…

An account: "Political" experience! When it all began to me - 20th Sept 2003

My eyes were burning. It hurt. I was somehow "crying", but I was sure I was not crying. Was I in pain? I kept asking my mind. Whats going on? Tears ran down as if there was no end. It was unstoppable. Tears, in tears, there I was. I was afraid, very confused. It started to get all fogy. Scary.

"Daddy??" I kept calling. No response. "Daddy where are you ??" repeatedly I called, all I wanted now was his a response. Nothing. My little brothers they were in pain, they too in tears.

I ran out, to see. I needed to know. I needed to see my Dad. I needed to know why I was crying unintentionally and unnecessarily. Out of the door, into street, quick steps. 
Fogy it was, never have I seen it so in Male'. Screams everywhere. People running. People crying. More people crying. I was crying. Sirens ... Was it the ambulance? fire? Police? or were they all out there with loud sirens ... I can see smoke ... more smoke ... but nothing was clear. I c…

#InPhotos: Silent Protesters call for Elections in the Maldives - (21st Oct 2013)

#SilentProtest #mvElections13 #Maldives #Youth  Photos: Maeed (All rights reserved) 

#InPhotos: Presidential Elections called off - Civil Disobedience in Maldives #OccupyMajeedheeMagu

Presidential Elections scheduled to be held on 19th October 2013, after the Supreme Court declared 7th September 2013 polling void and issued a 16 point election guideline to follow, has been called off in the Maldives. The polling was called off when two of the three Presidential Candidates did not give endorsement to the voters list complying to the 16 point Supreme Court guidelines. And the Elections Commission announcing that they no longer receive the needed support and assistance from the Maldivian Police Services. 
Peaceful protesters took to the streets "Occupying Majeedhu Magu", the main road in Male' City, expressing their anger and calling for immediate elections in Maldives yesterday 19th October 2013. 
Photos by Maeed (All rights reserved)